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The LivWell 6 Week Gut Detox Program

Struggling with persistent gas, bloating and constipation?

Ready for a simplified roadmap to healing your gut and reclaiming your health in just 6 weeks?

The LivWell 6 Week Gut Detox Group Coaching Program takes you back to the basics to help you poop everyday and ditch the bloat

(isn't that a relief?)


"I found this program to be super helpful in my healing journey, and I've been able to implement so much from the program into my daily life.  The meal plan has been awesome (love that the recepies are so quick and easy). The healthy swaps and recommended brands also opened my eyes to new ideas on food and snacks to incorporate. Thank you!"

- Sarah

Are you sick and tired of going from doctor to doctor and being told everything is fine? Or that you just have to "deal with" your IBS symptoms - gas, bloating, constipation and/or loose stools indefinitely?

Gut symptoms can mean a lot of things. Many of the clients I work with experience heart burn, low energy, brain fog, feel confused and overwhelmed about what to eat and have a supplement graveyard of products at home that just don't work and never get used.

That all ends now.

Inside the LivWell 6 Week Gut Detox Program, you will:

  • Discover the missing pieces of your healing journey keeping you stuck, bloated and constipated.
  • Implement healing strategies, supplements and foods to help you optimize your health.
  • Have consistent bowel movements and say goodbye to your bloat.
  • Finally get relief from your uncomfortable symptoms.

How It Works:

A total of 7 calls including:

  • 1x private coaching call (1 hour)
  • 6x group calls (1 hour)

Get Access to:

  • A private community for support
  • Handouts
  • Simple to implement weekly lifestyle changes
  • Nutrient dense meal plan
  • Specific supplementation
  • Option to include a Detox Kit

Week One

What is the Drainage Funnel and why is it so important? We are going to dive into why these organ systems need to be supported and why they are a key part of your healing journey.

*option to include supplemental detox kit

Week Two

This week we are going back to the basic and discussing all things diet and how they impact your gut health. We are going to discuss gluten, dairy, the importance of fat and the dangers of seed oils.

Week Three

This is one of two Q & A weeks. Ask all of your burning questions and if you need support this week with anything you're going through or feeling, this is the week to get that support.

Week Four

We are going to hone in on stomach acid and its role in digestion and your health. Are you struggling with too little or too much stomach acid and what does that mean for you and your symptoms?

Week Five

Your gut and your body; this week we are going to discuss how your gut is connected to your entire body and how it impacts all other systems.

Week Six

As this is our last week together, we will have our second Q & A session. Share your wins, share what you enjoyed and what symptoms have improved for you the most since beginning the program.

** To further support detoxification and gut health, I recommend the addition of a Detox Kit. You have the option to add this on and incorporate during your 6 week journey. More details will be provided upon registration.

"I struggled with chronic bloating, gas and stomach aches for years. It was so uncomfortable! On Rachel’s protocol, my symptoms have drastically improved. Now I can pin point exactly what caused it and understand how to avoid it. I’m feeling so much better inside and out. My digestion has never been better!"

- Hanna

Hi, I'm Rachel!

For me, gut health - it's personal!

After suffering for many years from gut issues and unwanted parasites, I was left bed ridden with chronic pain and intense bloating and gas.

I went from doctor to doctor, was handed numerous prescriptions and ultimately was left without any answers or support. I took my health into my own hands, went to nutrition school, dove deep into studying all things gut health and parasites. And now, as a gut health expert I work with clients globally to help them heal their gut and get their life back.

I’m passionate about helping YOU overcome your frustrating gut symptoms and give the support you need to finally heal.

" I was a person who struggled to even eat a meal at work because I would be afraid of having gut issues, or canceling plans because i was not feeling my best due to my gut. But I have been able to go about my days feeling 100% comfortable all day, have had normal bowel movements and been overall healthier and happier."

- Sabrina